Eyelash extensions by Plurecil - Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui

Eyelash extensions by Plurecil - Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chongqing, Wenzhou


Education about techniques and customer service

Eyelash extensions are now an essential item to making you look more beautiful.

So that all customers can confidently have eyelash extensions, Plurecil focuses not just on eyelash extension products, but also on training eyelash stylists to perform the skilled application of extensions as well as customer service.


Eyelash extension design

We can create many different designs of extensions by using a variety of color and length.

One of our specially trained eyelash stylists will choose from several hundred types of originally-developed extensions the lashes that suit each individual customer’s hair quality, eye shape, bone structure and character. If you let them know which image you would like they will select the extensions closest to the image you want.

After your extensions have been attached you won’t feel them on your eyelids, no matter which way you move your eyes.
We hope you’ll try our Pro Care Eyelash extensions at least once!

Enjoy the wonderful world of eyelash extensions with the benefit of Plurecil extensions!

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